Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Black History Month Spot It & Steal It

February is Black History Month!

My Black History Month Spot It & Steal It game is a FUN way to introduce your students to some significant historical figures!

Before I get into the game cards... know that you can use the cards in other ways, not just as a game. For instance... you can use the "picture cards" to create a bulletin board display of all the significant people. Here's a closer look at the "picture cards":
This game has 48 cards (24 clue cards and 24 picture cards) so you can play it as a class OR you can divide the cards up to create a few centres. I find that having groups of 4 players and handing out 3-4 cards per player makes for a great game.

Each "Spot It" card has a clue about an important historical figure and students have to find the "Picture Card" that corresponds...

If you SPOT IT in another player's pile...  shout "STEAL"... the first person to shout "steal" gets to keep the picture card. To keep your own cards from being stolen, slap your card before someone yells steal...and the card is kept safe!

The player with the most picture cards WINS.

I've included several print options in this game: color, white background, and black & white.
There is also the option to play with answer clues or without!
If you're looking for some good books for Black History Month, I found these books on Amazon.

The website http://www.biography.com is great for showing your class videos of some of the amazing people mentioned in my game.

To make your life easier I've included links to bios for each historical figure (note: some do not have videos):

1.) Booker T Washington 

2.) Harriet Tubman

3.) Frederick Douglas

4.) Marcus Garvey

5.) Rosa Parks

6.) Jesse Owens

7.) Sojourner Truth

8.) Martin Luther King JR

9.) Billie Holiday

10.) Ruby Bridges

11.) Bill Pickett

12.) Edna Lewis

13.) Thurgood Marshall

14.) Bessie Coleman

15.) George W. Carver

16.) Marian Anderson

17.) Langston Hughes

18.) Wilma Rudolph

19.) Tuskegee Airman

20.) Phyllis Wheatley

21.) Michael Jackson

22.) Jackie Robinson

23.) Sarah E Goode

24.) Benjamin Banneker

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